Hello! 我係Henry! (🚧施工中🏗️)

我係多倫多大學天文學嘅博士生,歡迎訪問我嘅個人網站!! 唔該參閱英文版本去睇最新資訊.

電郵 (僅限英文/English only):

henrysky [dot] leung [at] utoronto [dot] ca


50 St. George Street, 多倫多
安省 M5S 3H4, 加拿大


背景圖片: 創生之柱
來源: 美國/歐洲/加拿大太空署, 太空望遠鏡科學研究所

About Me!

about me

Hi, I am Henry, an astronomy PhD candidate at University of Toronto with interests in astrophotography, you can see my photography below. For research aspect, both galactic astrophysics, deep learning and open source science are currently my research interest. The main reserach project I am working on is deep learning application in stellar and galactic astronomy with a python package in development called astroNN to facilitate my reserach. You can learn more about astroNN in Code.

I am a Hong Kong Canadian grew up in Hong Kong which is named the worst light polluted country in the world because of the dense population. But it makes the universe more mysterious to the young me.

Some stargazing activity